New News is Old News, Cyprus

by lmuscato

Alana Kakoyiannis of CCMC and artist Christine DaCruz in Nicosia's old city

New News is Old News went to Cyprus in collaboration with the Cyprus Community Media Center, the European-Mediterranean Arts Association, and the Rooftop Theater Group. Thank you to all the sponsors and to all the donations that made this trip a reality! Here’s a few links for images and news about the program:

To view posts from participating artists and curators visit New News is Old News Wonder Women blog

For details about the exhibition, view the press release attached here as a pdf

Images of the exhibition opening through Wonder Women here

And images from curator Doris Cacoilo here

Greek Orthodox church across from the youth hostel, old city Nicosia

the youth hostel
Turkish flag on the northern side of the buffer zone

the buffer zone

New News is Old News, Cyprus Wonder Women poster