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Spills on The New York Times, newest works

Project description: These drawings are studies of the newspaper as an object. I am looking at the newspaper with nostalgia, depicting the printed broadsheet in a moment between being commonplace and disposable and becoming an obsolete artifact, part of the morning ritual of another time.  The scale of the drawings are 22 x 24 inches, […]

New News Is Old News residency

These are the first three drawings created during the _gaia Wonder Women 6, New News is Old News residency. I was exploring my formal approach in these first pieces, layering coffee stains over pages of The New York Times. One or more of these drawings will be shown at the small show & residency closing party at _gaia […]

Capriol Suite

Capriol Suite trptic appeared in the 365 Days of print show in October, 2010, at the Embankment Gallery in Jersey City, NJ.

untitled, recent works


Material Matter installation at MJC Art Gallery

This show included work from 2009, 2008 and 2006. It was a two artist show, with me and Tina Savini, who exhibited really beautiful abstract drawings on paper. Working with Haleh Niazmand at the MJC gallery, and Tina was a great experience.

work from Pictures of home series

work from Snapshots series